Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Do I talk to the police?

Listen, everyone wants to feel like they're an upstanding citizen and no one wants to feel like they are standing in the way of the police doing their job. THAT BEING SAID, you have an absolute right to remain silent whenever you are stopped by the police. It doesn't matter if they come up to you in a public place, if they stop you while walking in the street, if they pull you over in your car, or if they show up at your home. As tempting as it is to cooperate, it is almost NEVER in your best interests to do so before speaking with a professional criminal defense lawyer.

If you live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey and are stopped by the police, tell them the following:

"I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I don't wish to speak with you without my attorney, Arik Benari, present. Am I free to leave?"

If they say you are not free to leave then you are under a police detention and many other rights now apply to your circumstance. Stay quiet, be respectful, follow their directions, and contact my office as soon as possible (if you live in PA or NJ). If you live somewhere else, call your attorney as soon as possible or contact a friend or loved one and have them find someone for you right away. Most professional attorneys like myself can be hired by the hour for professional advice before deciding to hire them to represent you in any case you may have if the police end up filing charges against you.

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